Medical Conditions (Chronic)

Students with Chronic Medical Conditions

Parents/guardians of students with chronic medical conditions that can be verified by their doctor – conditions that would cause the student to miss a lot of school – are advised to request a Chronic Illness Verification form from the school nurse, or from the Attendance Office.

How it works

For medically excused absences, parents/guardians are normally required to provide medical documentation to excuse the absent date(s) in question.

The Chronic Illness Verification form allows the parent/guardian to medically excuse an absence with a simple phone call – provided the absence was related to the student’s verified chronic medical condition.

  • The C.I.V. form must be completed by an parent/guardian and the student’s doctor.

  • The C.I.V. must be given to the school nurse for her documentation.
  • The C.I.V. expires after one calendar year, and can be completed again and resubmitted.

Help and Requests

If you have any questions about the Chronic Illness Verification form, the school’s Attendance Office may be reached directly at (619) 628-5715.  Or, the school nurse’s office may be reached at (619) 628-5711.