Marked Absent by Mistake

Teacher Corrections

  • When students are marked absent by mistake, only the teacher may authorize corrections to the attendance record.

  • Teachers have until the end of each school day to fix attendance errors.

  • By the next morning, no teacher has the ability to manually fix attendance errors on Infinite Campus from the previous day.

  • To fix attendance mistakes from previous days, the teacher must inform us in the attendance office and allow us to fix the mistake.

Student Responsibilities

Students are marked absent by mistake usually because:

(1) They arrived to class late, after the teacher had already taken attendance.

(2) They were out of their assigned seat when the teacher took roll.


Helpful tips students can easily follow to avoid being marked absent by mistake:

  • Arrive to class on time.

  • Be in your correct seat and be aware of when the teacher takes roll.

  • Inform the teacher that you were late, before class ends, so that the teacher can correct a “false absence.”