Clearing Tardies

Clearing Tardies

Parents Need to Know

Most MVH school days are block schedule days.  Most periods at MVH happen after a 15-minute break in the morning (Nutrition Break), or a 40-minute break in the afternoon (lunch period).  

Therefore, there is no excuse for students to be habitually late to class in the middle of the day, once they arrive at school.

Saturday School for Tardies

Students may attend Saturday School to clear tardies from their attendance record for the year, provided that they have no absences.

Saturday School is for clearing absences.  Students who want to use Saturday School to clear tardies must first either: (1) not have any absences; or (2) clear all absences first by attending Saturday School.  Once absences are cleared, then tardies may be cleared.

One four-hour Saturday School session, from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon, clears up to 12 tardies – provided that the student has no absences to clear.

Please direct your Saturday School questions to the Attendance Coordinator at (619) 628-5864.