After School Activities

Interested in participating in an after school activity here on campus?  The PIER (People Involved in Enrichment and Recreation) has something for everyone! Visit the PIER webpage to learn more, or come see us in person at the Student Center any day of the week.

Anime Club

Club members have commented that the reason they enjoy Anime club is that everyone is friendly and gets along, which makes the club more fun. They play games featuring their favorite characters, watch movies and draw.

Bible Club

Need a prayer? The Bible Club meets every Wednesday during lunch to study passages from the Bible. They also host events such as the their canned food drive to help local families.  The Bible club never ceases to help those in need.

Book Club

These Nerd Nation book clubbers spend one lunch a week reading books, discussing novels and pointing out what they found interesting in their reading adventures.

Classy Cats

The goal of the Classy Cats is to teach proper etiquette. Every Wednesday they go on a journey to a time where etiquette was a daily teaching.

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club is the place to be if you really care about the community, environment and school. The club services our community by cleaning beaches and the campus. They plan to set up a green house as well as gardens on campus.


Baile Folklorico is a Latin folk dance with ballet characteristics; pointed toes, exaggerated movements and strong choreography. Each region has unique choreography and costumes. The style may sometimes look similar from region to region, but it is not the same.

Friday Night Live Club

Approximately six million deaths a year are caused by smoking. The Friday Night Live Club is involved in spreading the word about the dangers of tobacco and other drug use. They participate in community events to help educate their peers.


The Gay-Straight-Alliance gets together every other Tuesday to promote tolerance and understanding of diversity on our campus and in our community.

Guitar Club

Students in Guitar Club play their hearts out on campus and off. Using guitars, bass guitars, drums and a piano, these musical junkies spend their lunch hour jamming to their favorite songs.


These hacky-sackers spend their lunches together playing hacky sack, either passing it to one another or showing off their moves by freestyling.


These selfless young students help their community by sponsoring canned food drives and other charitable events for homeless families and other children and citizens in need.

Japanese Culture Club

The Japanese Culture Club indulges in traditions that range from tea ceremonies to modern  Japanese culture. The members  take inspiration from the opposite hemisphere and bring it to us. Konnichiwa!

Key Club

Key Club works in partnership with the local Kiwanis Club to bring service to our community. They participate in events such as Celebrate My Drive, Feed The Families, Trick or Treat for Unicef and fundraising for Pediatric Trauma Prevention.

Magic Club

These individuals have mastered the complicated and addicting card game known as Magic: The Gathering. They meet almost daily in order to duel in battles and tournaments against their fellow comrades.

Marvel Alliance Club

Marvel Alliance club is where individuals with mutual fandom of Marvel comics meet and share common likes. They also think of ways to make school a better place and reveal the inner heroes in themselves.


In the Multimedia Club, members hang out and play video games on the computers to pass their lunches. Members are also involved in hosting sports tournaments, like dodge ball, for school. Record sports throwout the year. Make MVH promotional Videos. Provide DJs for all school dances and Assemblies.

Nanowrimo Club

Did you know that November is National Novel Writing Month? Young writers in the Nanowrimo club write at least one thousand words a day and cannot edit their work; a true challenge for any aspiring novelist.

Pan Asian Club

No other club screams culture like Pan Asian does. Pan Asian Club connects to it’s roots by participating in traditional dances and teaching each other about their culture.


Already getting ahead of the game, the Robotics club members build and program their own robots completely from scratch. Then, they face off against other schools in competition.

Rubik’s Cube

The skills of solving the Rubik’s Cube are held within these clubbers who prepare themselves for the annual Rubik’s Cube tournament in San Diego.

Spanish Club

In the Spanish club, members plan how to help other students learn the Spanish language as well as host special events. They also learn about the variety of traditions and celebrations within the Spanish culture.


The S.H.A.R.E. club is an organization where young individuals raise money for the less fortunate in Africa. If a girl is given the opportunity of an education, there is no telling what she can do or become!

Surf Club

Even though it might not be a CIF recognized sport, the surf club competes in many competitions throughout the school year. When the waves are cranking, you can find these fearless students in the impact zone.

Ukulele Club

Embracing the music together, these students gather during lunch to learn how to play the ukulele and to jam with their friends, spending their time creating great music and melodies that everybody enjoys listening to.