ASSETS Program

Join an After School Program with ASSETS!  Mar Vista has so many before and after-school programs; there’s something for everyone.  All students who stay after school are provided with a snack from the cafeteria, regardless of free/reduced lunch status – Click Here to view the menu!



AVID stands for “Advancement via Individual Determination”. It is an ACADEMIC ELECTIVE designed to both prepare (ensure that each AVID student enrolls in the required “a-g” coursework and take the tests for college acceptance) and ready (teach and instill in each AVID student the necessary academic and social skills) to maintain enrollment at the university. Each AVID student is encouraged to take the most rigorous courses possible.

Academic League

The Academic League is a group of advanced scholars whom challenge themselves with academic competitions by testing their abilities in various subjects. Each competition is made up of two fifteen minute periods which are composed of questions involving academic and social media topics. Only five team members are allowed in each round.

Career Technical Education



Poseidon Academy

At the end of every eighth grade year, students apply to be part of the award winning Poseidon Academy program. Poseidon refers to itself as a “school within a school”. They must follow strict guidelines pertaining to their schedules. They are required to take a science class every year, including Project Science class which is designed to teach students how to create and test their own experiments.

Special Education


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