April 8, 2021

Dear Mariner Parents and Students,

I hope this message finds you well.  I trust you have already been informed schools in the Sweetwater Union High School District will have a “soft” re-opening on April 12th, 2021.  A letter in English and Spanish was sent out by the District Office to all Sweetwater families last week informing you about the re-opening.  Please know that not all students will be returning.  An invitation to return was sent to only a select group which included all seniors, students with disabilities, English Learners and students who have been disengaged throughout the pandemic.

The students who were invited to return and accepted the invitation to return will have been notified by the end of this week.  If you and your child have not been notified this means you did not meet the established criteria.

The schedule students returning to campus next week will follow is the exact one they have been following via distance learning. However, students returning to hybrid in- person instruction will attend school two days a week in person.  The daily schedule mirrors the current instructional schedule. Students will attend on Mondays and Tuesdays or Wednesdays and Thursdays only. Fridays will continue the same as they have been.

The days in-person instruction is not provided to students, distance learning will be the method for instructional delivery. It is important to note not all students’ teachers will be delivering in-person instruction from April 12th through April 30th, 2021. If a student’s teacher is not on campus during a certain class period, students will be assigned to a teacher who will supervise them. Starting May 3rd, 2021, all teachers will return to campus, but the group of students beginning on April 12th will remain the same.  We cannot increase the number of students returning because of safety protocols and social distancing we must implement.

As stated before, if a student who was invited and he/she accepted to return he/she will have received his/her schedule by the end of this week.

Nutrition and lunch services will be provided on each campus following the California Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

To learn about MVH’s Covid-19 Prevention Plan for staff and students who will be returning on April 12th, please visit our school website at https://MVH.Sweetwaterschools.org.

Please feel free to contact me at Bettina.Batista@Sweetwaterschools.org or call at (619) 691-5700 if you have questions or concerns.  Thank you.


Bettina E. Batista