Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Students,

Mar Vista High School staff and students will continue to strive for new heights in academic excellence. With the LCAP goals being our guiding principles for the work that we do, we are excited about the direction of Mar Vista and our district. Our primary focus will continue to be student learning and achievement.

California has a new accountability system that is based on multiple measures. Among the measures used to determine progress toward meeting students’ needs are Suspension Rate, Graduation Rate, Progress of English Learner students, and Yearly Academic Growth in English and Math. MVH is continuing to align its practices with district LCAP goals.

Below you will find a description of our current performance indicators as well as a brief description of how we plan to address each measure.

Graduation Rate – Mar Vista High has begun to focus on increasing student engagement with structured student interactions and higher level questioning strategies in order to increase conceptual understanding and mastery of content. Mar Vista High is committed to ensuring teachers deliver quality first instruction engages students and supports achievement, so we can continue the work of improving and outperforming our previous year’s graduation rate of 82.3%.

Suspension Rate – Mar Vista High continues to refine its approach to student discipline. With the use of Restorative Practices, we have reduced the number of suspensions while increasing accountability.  This new approach provides an avenue for repairing relationships and re-building trust between students and staff.

Progress of English Learner Students – Mar Vista High is proud of its improvement in English Language Development among students identified as English Learners.  Our California’s School Dashboard shows a 5% increase in achievement among our English Learners.  We plan to continue building systems of support within the school day that ensure English Learners progress towards proficiency in English Language.

Yearly Academic Growth English – Mar Vista High is proud of its 47.7 point improvement on the Grade 11 English Language Arts Smarter Balance Assessment.

Yearly Academic Growth Math – Mar Vista High has identified Math as an area to increase support for students in order to improve student learning and performance. This past year we reduced class size in 9th grade math classes and allotted resources for teachers to work in small groups with potential students who may be currently struggling. MVH will continue to work toward decreasing the learning gaps and increasing student mastery in math.

Should you have any questions regarding your student’s progress or school programs, do not hesitate to call the teacher, counselor, or any administrator. I look forward to working with you as we continue to usher in the next year of excellence at Mar Vista High School.


Bettina Batista
Principal, Mar Vista High School