It’s summer!  Please check out the availability of after school activities and tutoring.

Get involved this summer!


More at the PIER…

Mariners! Come join us in after school activities! Check out our website for available programs at: https://sites.google.com/sweetwaterschools.net/mvhspier/home

Please join the google class for the activity that you’d like to participate in. Once you’re enrolled, you will receive scheduling information, submit your attendance, and locate the meeting code to participate in that day’s activities.

Everyday, we will be hosting a 30 minute meet and greet at the Virtual DOCK Drop in Center. From there you will have a chance to participate in other fun activities through our online classrooms.

To join us in the DOCK, go to https://meet.google.com and type in the code DOCK

And please don’t forget to sign in as soon as you join. Hope to see you all there!